This ain’t yo momma’s strawberry jam.

Kali Martin is a trained Holistic Therapist and Permaculture teacher who loves to share her knowledge with others through workshops and private consultations.

In her spare time (if there is such a thing), Kali conducts day-long and weekend-long workshops on organic gardening, permaculture design, “lasagna” and “no-dig” methods, mushroom cultivation, hugelkultur, chicken raising, eco construction, herbal medicine, whole foods nutrition, Ayurvedic cooking, and natural food preservation techniques (solar drying, age old oil and brine preparations, as well as some new sugar-free twists on jams and chutneys). She teaches in both English in French.


Why get my hands dirty?


An intern receiving training at the farm.

Due to the many modern food growing, transporting, and manufacturing practices that greatly reduce the nutritional value in food, add toxic substances to our bodies, and needlessly destroy the environment, Kali believes that it is no longer enough to simply learn how to eat a balancing diet and live a healthy lifestyle.

In the face of peak oil and climate change, which will cause food prices to continue to escalate, and in the face of the biotechnological denaturing and corporate monopolization of food, it is Kali’s deep conviction that it would be of tremendous benefit to the health of people and the planet if as many of us as possible learn to grow our own food and reduce the need for a highly destructive commercial agricultural system.

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