Meet the Team

Kali Martin, Director / Owner, Permaculture Designer/Teacher,
Health Practitioner

Kali harvesting fennel at Living Forest Farm.

Kali is a self-confessed eco-dreamer and seed-saving rebel, and feels more at ease in going against the grain, especially where harm to living beings and the planet is concerned, than in going with it. She holds degrees in Natural Medicine and Interdisciplinary Studies and is certified in Permaculture Design. When asked at the age of five what she was going to do with her first ten dollar bill, she replied, “I’m going to buy a farm for Jason and I, and grow food with the rest.” In 2005 she moved to France and began bringing to life that dream, but with a man named John.

Kali loves cooking up a storm of home-growns, weaving willow, tending to rescued hens, canoeing on fast moving rivers and mirror-like lakes and having picnics in her own backyard.


Nezha El Moumen, Health Practitioner / Chef Extraordinaire

Nezha irrigating with rainwater and a sparkly stream of laughter.

Nezha irrigating with rainwater and a sparkly stream of laughter.

This city girl has managed to triumph over her fear of slugs and snails and ground her eco-philosophy into practise. She is the one who holds down the homestead when Kali is abroad; she cooks fabulous Ayurvedic meals for whoever happens to be at the table and cares for the gardens during the long, hot days of summer.  Her Moroccan roots shine through in her love of henna, argan oil and olives.  She is currently in the process of developing her own line of organic cosmetics, and is developing strong ties with many amazing farmers and artisans in her search for the purest and most ethically-sourced ingredients. She also makes a mean “smoozie” with such exotic ingredients as rose petals and rainbow chard. She will be sharing some recipes, so stay tuned…

Durga Martin, Herbalist, Health Practitioner, Permaculture Designer, Techie

Durga Martin

Durga, making a cob wall at O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Durga (a.k.a. Anne-Marie) has been practising and teaching Holistic Medicine for over 15 years. She considers herself a lifetime student of everything that the natural world has to teach us. Her deep connection to nature and interest in sustainability began as a young child, in the back country of Ontario, where her family designed and built their dream home. She later experimented with living off the grid for several years in the South-West of France.

With a deeply rooted interest in holistic health and mindful living, studying permaculture design was a logical next step. Durga believes that permaculture offers a practical, creative approach to many of the environmental and health problems that the world is now facing. Having completed her Permaculture Design Certification with Conscious Design Collective, she is excited to be collaborating with her sister Kali (LFF director/owner), to develop programs at Living Forest Farm.

Durga currently lives in Vancouver, BC, where she practises Holistic Medicine, teaches MBSR and compassionate communication (NVC) and offers Permaculture Design services. Descending from a long line of engineers, Durga is also part nerd. She is the thick-rimmed, self-taught techie behind this website. She spends part of each year in France, helping to manage projects at Living Forest Farm and to maintain this website and blog. To share feedback about the site (suggestions, broken links, technical issues, etc.), please check out the Website Feedback Form or send an email to For general inquiries, please email

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